The PM's Daughter - Series 1

Freemantle Media Australia, 2022

Catalina Parkes Pérez like any other teenager who wants to have her voice heard. There’s just one complication: her mother, Isabel, is the Prime Minister of Australia.

Cat has always been someone who stands up for what she believes in, but her mum’s new job is putting a serious dent in her freedom to be who she wants to be. How can Cat make her voice heard when there’s so much pressure to support her mum and be “the perfect daughter”?

As if all that weren’t enough, a series of stunts have started playing out across the national Capital, clearly aimed at sabotaging the Prime Minister. When blame falls on Cat’s activist heroes, Action Uprising, Cat decides to dig into unmasking an alternative group, the Agitators, who are really behind the stunts. Luckily for Cat, she has two new friends, Sadie and Ollie, to help her.

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The PM's Daughter - Series 2 (2023)

Cat’s finally found her groove as the PM’s daughter, but a highly competitive internship, a secret romance, and a series of damaging leaks soon have her racing to unmask a brand new conspiracy against her mum.

The PM's Daughter (Season overview)

Cat is like any other teenager, with one difference: her mother is the new Prime Minister of Australia. Along with her new friends, Cat navigates life in the spotlight, while tracking down a hidden threat to her mum.

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Episode 1 New Normal

Ripped away from her home and friends, Cat Parkes Pérez struggles to adapt to life after her mother, Isabel, unexpectedly becomes Australia’s newest Prime Minister.

Episode 2 It's Complicated

Cat works with her new friends to unmask the troublemaking Agitators and, when special visitors come to school, Cat wants to make her voice heard.

Episode 3 We Will Mock You

Cat competes in a mock parliament with crucial evidence against the Agitators on the line. Meanwhile, excitement bubbles around the arrival of a global superstar.

Episode 4 Art of Diplomacy

Cat, Sadie and Ollie attempt to catch the Agitators at an art gallery event, while Cat struggles to fulfil her duties as the PM’s daughter.

Episode 5 Grounded

When Isabel and Cat host an impromptu ‘ball’ at the Lodge, Cat smells a rat – one that could take down the Prime Minister.

Episode 6 Separation of Powers

The Agitators target Cat, Sadie and Ollie amid Sadie’s Year Leader nomination. Meanwhile, Isabel disappoints Cat during a special day on the Spanish calendar.

Episode 7 Interview With A Big Liar

The Prime Minister and her family are being interviewed on live TV, while Cat wrestles with a dilemma presented by foe-turned-friend Miro.

Episode 8 High Insecurity

When Cat is lumped with a suffocating security detail, Ollie and Miro must put their differences aside to take the lead on the Agitator hunt.

Episode 9 A Date With Destiny

After a shocking discovery about the mysterious insider, Cat and the gang close in on their target. Meanwhile, Isabel makes a discovery of her own.

Episode 10 Shall Not Pass

Cat must unite opposing forces to bring down the insider and save Isabel’s career, while her relationships with Isabel and Ollie hang in the balance.

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