Our People

Jenny Buckland

Jenny Buckland


Jenny was appointed CEO of the ACTF on July 1, 2002. From the outset, she has played a key role in positioning the ACTF as a national children's media and policy hub, and growing the business to become one of the most successful international marketers of children's television programs. It was Jenny who originally floated the proposal for an Australian children's digital television channel, which culminated in the establishment of ABC3 in 2009.  Formerly the General Manager and Marketing Manager of the ACTF, Jenny has extensive experience in television distribution, business, financial and legal affairs.

Bernadette O'Mahony

Bernadette O'Mahony

Head of Development and Production

Bernadette O’Mahony oversees the ACTF’s development, production and distribution activities.  She has worked in the film and television industry since the 1980s, and her name is linked to a number of prominent Australian productions including The Henderson Kids, The Flying Doctors, Spotswood, The Man From Snowy River (TV series) and Crackers.  Since joining the ACTF, Bernadette has worked on Crash Zone, Legacy of the Silver Shadow, the award-winning series Mortified, Lockie Leonard (Series 1 and 2), Dance Academy (Series, 1, 2 and 3) and My Place (Series 1 and 2), Worst Year of My Life, Again and Bushwhacked!

John Tyler

John Tyler

Head of Finance

John is a Chartered Accountant and joined the ACTF in January 2001. John has responsibility for all financial reporting within the ACTF, and responsibility for all the day to day financial and administration functions.

Peter Maggs

Peter Maggs

Head of Education

Peter Maggs is the Head of Education at the ACTF. He has been an eLearning consultant to education departments, cultural organisations and those engaged in digital learning for over 20 years. Peter was previously the Head of New Media at the ACTF from 2004–2009, before heading to the Digital Learning Branch of the Victorian Department of Education and Training from 2009–2015.  Peter's main role has been to empower teachers and children to become innovative, creative and collaborative digital participants.

Development, Production and Distribution

Holly Alexander (Script Executive) 

Ella Barton (Production Assistant)

Roberta Di Vito (International Sales Manager)

Tim Hegarty (International Sales Manager)

Michael Oliverius (Digital Assets Manager)

Todd Watts (Communications Designer)



Janine Kelly (Curriculum Officer) 

Lily Pavlovic (Digital Communications Officer & Education Coordinator)


Corporate Services

Liz Coote (Administration Assistant)

Margaret Goodwin (Office Manager)

Francisca Hoffmann-Axthelm (Senior Lawyer)

Julia Fimiani (Legal and Policy Assistant)

Brendan Lonergan (Assistant Finance Manager)

Beck Stuart (Executive Assistant to CEO)