Animalia: Primary Teaching Resource - Digital Download

Animalia: Primary Teaching Resource - Digital Download

Alex and Zoe are two kids who find themselves in an extraordinary situation. After stumbling across a magical portal hidden in the town library, they're led to a parallel dimension – a sophisticated world called 'Animalia'. It's a magical place dominated by talking animals.

The Animalia Primary Teaching Resource uses the animation series to support primary teachers in exploring concepts and issues of Civics and Citizenship, Values and Identity. The teaching activities relate to the embedded clips, which can be viewed individually or as a class.

In the resource there are:

  • more than 100 teaching activities and related student activity sheets;
  • thirty-six video clips related to the teaching activities;
  • character profiles and a gallery of stills from the TV series;
  • information about the Animalia TV series, including media kit, scripts, poster, series and clip synopses;
  • links to other aligned resources and curriculum documents.

This resource would be most suitable for use in Years 4–5 in the curriculum areas of Arts (Media), Civics and Citizenship, English and Humanities.

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