Built To Survive - Digital Download

Built To Survive - Digital Download

Rewind 200 million years… Earth’s continents have broken up and Australia is drifting, alone and isolated. As it drifts, the climate changes and new ecosystems evolve. Australia’s animals have now embarked on a journey, unique from the rest of the world. Today, almost 90 percent of our mammal species, 90 percent of our reptiles and 45 percent of our bird species are found nowhere else on earth.  No wonder it’s now home to so many beautiful freaks!

Third generation Indigenous educator Phil Breslin is on a mission to reveal the Australian animals that are Built to Survive our diverse Aussie environments.  A teacher, adventurer and wildlife aficionado originally from Gimuy (Cairns) in Far North Queensland, he draws on the knowledge of science, First Nations peoples, and his own experience in the wild, to find out how animals have adapted to some of the world’s most extreme and diverse, natural environments.  Phil will travel to the most remote corners of the Australian continent in a bid to discover a world that most kids have only ever Googled.

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