You're Skitting Me - Series 3


Australian sketch comedy You're Skitting Me returns for a third series. Performed by a new feature cast of teens, You're Skitting Me is an edgy mix of animations and great characters that will tickle everyone’s funny bone.

The show is a 26 episodic comedy series of 12 minutes aimed at children aged from 8 to 14, but will be sure to provide a laugh for everyone.

The series introduces regular characters such The Ultra Boy, The Unwrapping Guy, Young Shakespeare, Martine The Sick Bay Monitor, Child Lawyer - Roland McAllister, clueless Amanda Coyne and The Green Team. Animations are also a popular feature of the series, with characters such as Iron Man, and chats between emoticons, flies, and school bags. Nothing is too absurd! 

Episode 1
You're Skitting Me is back for a third series, and episode one is jam-packed with astronauts preparing for Mars, Chewie under the desk, flies, bananas, mystics and megaphones! You're Skitting Me is back for a third series and episode one features some astronauts as they prepare to go to Mars. Chewie is under the desk. New animations from some flies and 'what’s worse': poo or brussel sprouts? Clueless Billy Blot shows us what to do when dressed as a banana. Mystic Mary proves her mystic powers and we find out when NOT to use a megaphone.
Episode 2
Episode two of You're Skitting Me features a musical about selfies and we meet our over-zealous Sick Bay Monitor, Roland The Child Lawyer and wannabe school announcer, Roula. You're Skitting Me - Episode 2 shows you what to do with Chewie in the classroom and what not to do if you're a head case. A teenager is lost in the bush and we meet new recurring characters, Martine The Sick Bay Monitor and Volunteer School Announcer Roula. Martine takes control and Roula needs to check her facts. We also meet the school's naughty boys outside the Principal’s Office, as they discuss appropriate places to go to the toilet. More animation is included, with a scary ghost ride and the flies who don’t realise which way is up. Child Lawyer Roland Macallister is on the case defending his classmates from the teacher's wrong decisions.
Episode 3
Episode Three features obsessed gamers, young teachers, scary movies and importantly, how to create a straight line when pouring your sauce. You're Skitting Me - Episode Three features two videogame-obsessed teenagers, and the school is introduced to the new ‘Young Principal’. We introduce more new characters with our Stormtrooper animation, Mystic Meg predicts the future, and we meet Junior Ha’apai, The YouTube 'Unwrapping Guy'. The girls tell ghost stories in a scary sleepover and we follow the story of a girl who became 'IT' for years.
Episode 4
Episode Four shows you how to use your brain, how to fix Chewie in your hair, ads on the latest phone, a song about spooky spiders and we meet a young William Shakespeare at school. The boys in You're Skitting Me - Episode Four show us the genius method of using your brain to get a football out of a tree. We also learn how to cheat on a test in class. Back in the sick bay, Martine Fraser shows us how to deal with the horror of gum in your hair. The girls continue their scary sleepover ghost stories. New character, young Will Shakespeare ‘entertains’ his classmates at school and we find out about a new 'Maxi Phone' from Zucchini and when NOT to use a megaphone. The cast also join together in a song about spiders.
Episode 5
Episode Five we ask the hard-hitting questions: 'Have you ever been in love like Shakespeare?', or 'Who would you rather be, Han Solo or Chewbacca?' You're Skitting Me - Episode Five shows you how far you can stretch your arm to reach for the chips, what to say if you’ve been sent to the Principal’s Office for the first time, and asks: 'Have you ever been in love like Young William Shakespeare?' 'What happens if you are swatted as a fly?' And, 'who would you choose to be, Han Solo or Chewbacca?' The team coach is missing and is replaced by a phone and school announcer Roula tells us about her bus travel sickness adventures. Brain Boy forgets his brain and Martine The Sick Bay Monitor is back, dealing with a stomach ache.
Episode 6
Episode Nine sets new hipster trends, plays it sun-smart and The Last Kid On Earth deals with survival. Peter is The Last Kid On Earth. We follow his tale as he works out how to survive. New hipsters are at a café, setting a new trend. Scary sleepover girls have a party dilemma. We advertise the latest sun safety suit on the market and meet a new character, the super-annoying Amanda Coyne. Young Shakespeare needs to go to the toilet and our animated flies and schoolbags talk rubbish and bananas.
Episode 7
This episode sees the return of the crazy Gomad product ads, ghost stories, balloon animals, dreamy Billy Blot and we meet Granny Alison! What do you love so much that you could marry it? The heavy school bag lift championship is taking place and we learn to be careful when taking your balloon animals for vaccinations. The Gomad ad series is back with 'All New Vomit' and 'Fart In A Can' and the girls have a scary tale about the old-fashioned home phone. What happens during teenage growth spurts? Billy Blot gets caught 'dreaming' again and we meet Granny Alison for the first time.
Episode 8
Episode seven features The Green Team, Future School, and regulars: The Unwrapping Guy, Martine The Sick Bay Monitor and Dream Boy Billy Blot. Ever used a carrot to see in the dark? The Green Team try to make the school sustainable in any way they see fit. There’s a wizard fight and what happens when your dad won’t let you buy a new phone. Our Future School robot teaches his class about an extinct species: ‘parents’. Martine is back in the sick bay and Junior unwraps his lunch, made by his dad.
Episode 9
This episode is all about competition, recycling and being quiet in the library. It also questions whether the moon landing was real. We’re back in the arena for the Carton Crushing Championships, and The Green Team are on a war path to recycle the soccer oval into a vegetable patch. Be prepared to be scared as The Shoosher shooshes students in the library. The cast discuss which is funnier: a fart at the dinner table, or in the library? Can you ‘faceswap’ with your identical twin? The Sick Bay Monitor quarantines a student with contagion. And, do you believe the moon landing was real?
Episode 10
Episode 10 is about selfie sticks, scary next door neighbours, more Chewie and pranks. Episode 10 features 'Prankety Pranks' – a parody TV show with surprising pranks. A student tries to get away with copying from Shakespeare. Chewie is stuck on a shoe. Do you leave a frisbee if it’s in the scary neighbours backyard? Sick Bay Monitor, Martine retells her worst experience and there's a new animation with ‘friends’: Cat and Dog.
Episode 11
Episode 11 has garage sales, student councils, ghost stories and crazy problem solving. Amanda Coyne is being annoying again with crazy solutions. A boy gets caught up in the wrong ‘virtual reality’ and the Student Representative Council try to move Casual Day Friday. Cat and Dog have an animated discussion about their owners and the scary sleepover girls have a fashion calamity. New characters Couch Boys don’t move from the couch and our school announcer Roula stuffs up again.
Episode 12
Episode 12 has more Stormtroopers, girl talk and Future School. The Lunchbox Disposal Squad save a young student from his lunchbox. Loaning books from the library is still cool. A Stormtrooper questions the galaxy he is from and it's show-and-tell day with Young Shakespeare. The girls talk party wear and Martine conducts an operation in the sick bay. Future School Robot teaches the students about selfies. We ask the cast 'who takes the most selfies' and 'where is your happy place?'
Episode 13
This episode explores has 'Life Hacks With Lila', Couch Boys wisdom and Granny Alison ranting about hoodies. Episode 13 features the classic yawn manoeuvre, and Lila gives us some helpful life-hacking tips. One student discovers the secret about algebra. The cast tell us what subject is a waste of time at school and our animation introduces us to stupid sports. Colonel McClown brings you the latest fast food fad and one Stormtrooper is fooled by a Jedi mind trick. The Couch Boys make short-term goals and we ask the cast what their short and long term goals are. Granny Alison is back ranting, this time about hoodies.
Episode 14
Episode 14 crashes bikes, has a ‘doth off’, and takes a proper look at pineapple on pizza. Three’s a crowd on the lounge in Episode 14 of You're Skitting Me. Young Shakespeare meets his nemesis: Christopher Marlowe, which culminates in a ‘doth off’. Chickens are for dinner in one animation and two mates make a video to show us how to make anything Aussie. Pineapple on your pizza? Martine has to take action against a teacher to uphold The Sick Bay Code of Honour. Cat, Dog and Mouse discuss their weekend and Junior The Unwrapping Guy can’t complete the unwrapping of his parcel.
Episode 15
Episode 15 deals with fights in the school, smart phone terror and more Future School. A fight breaks out in the locker corridor, smart phones create terror and on Teenager Tonight we meet Bradley Fletcher, the 'Bad Ball Boy'. Future School students learn about sport. More lessons on when not to use a megaphone and Martine The Sick Bay Monitor enforces a sick bay protocol – the old ‘lie-down’ technique. Roula The Announcer takes it upon herself to play cupid.
Episode 16
We meet The New Kid at school, and The Naughtiest Boy In School meets The Naughtiest Girl. There’s a new kid at school, a were-gameshow host takes over the loungeroom and Amanda Coyne thinks she can outsmart a check-out assistant at the fruit shop. The cast discuss their annoying habits and Colonel McClown has released a new breakfast food. An animation is stuck in the cloud and Young Shakespeare reads a note from his mother. The Naughtiest Boy and The Naughtiest Girl have a chance meeting at the Principal’s Office. Scary Sleepover Girls continue their spooky tales and the cast tell us if they stand up for old people on public transport.
Episode 17
In Episode 17 we meet The New Kid and meet a girl who wears two straps. We go on an unusual and slightly over-informative school tour with Emily and Peter. The cast go musical on The New Kid, and a student is embarrassed when his friend uses the megaphone inappropriately. A documentary story follows Steph as she copes with wearing two straps. Amanda Coyne's latest 'annoying' is to share muffins and Colonel McClown releases a cup of sugar. The boys are outside The Principal’s Office again and Roula The Announcer makes a 'big' announcement.
Episode 18
Episode 18 features braces, future pets and lost phones. Emily and Peter continue the school tour. At Future School, Roboteacher is teaching his students what a pet is and we ask the cast: 'If you could have any pet in the world, what pet would you have?' Roland McAllister, The Child Lawyer, is defending students put in detention and The Sleepover Girls continue their scary bedtime stories. An accident-prone student gets rushed to the sick bay and a phone gets eaten with a bowl of rice.
Episode 19
Episode 19 has more of everything: Lockers, megaphones, mystics and chickens hatching. TV Parody 'Locker Wars' auctions off school locker contents with surprising results. The science students are waiting for their chickens to hatch. The cast discuss what came first: the chicken or the egg. Two siblings take control and replace their dad and Mystic Mary once again proves her majestic talent. Martine vows she will always be a sick bay monitor.
Episode 20
Episode 20 features the new adventures of Ultra Boy and The Chasey Championships. The New Kid gets a tour of the school's friendship trees. Chasey Championship is in progress. Ultra Boy slides in to save the day and we ask the cast what superpower they would like to have. Martine explains what 'sick bay' actually means and Child Lawyer Roland MacAllister tries to defend a gassy client. New animated characters 'The Snot Guys' make an appearance, and Cat and Dog are scared of shadows.
Episode 21
This episode features new stupid sports, marrying a pizza and new products to fake illness. Student, Bronny, takes the teacher’s instructions of 'you’re in charge' a little too seriously, with scary results. Gomad brings you the latest trick gadget, 'The Sick Kit', and we find out from the cast where the worse place they've vomited was. At Future School, The Roboteacher tries to teach the students how to laugh and the knack of 'telling'. More drama outside the Principal's Office and our animated dog tries to be a cat. A pizza lover marries a pizza and The Couch Kids lose their TV remote. Disaster!
Episode 22
You're Skitting Me - Episode 22 has rat’s nests, class clowns, new animation 'The Snot Guys' and more spooky stories. Harry is not having a good hair day. Philip is trying to save face and to prove his worth to the school as the new Class Clown. Junior The Unwrapping Guy has some mysterious black bags to unwrap and the girls continue swapping scary sleepover stories. New animation characters 'The Snot Guys' giggle their way into our hearts.
Episode 23
Episode 23 features a new song about hump day Wednesday, new Quickchat boyfriends and more of Young Will Shakepeare. What would you do if your boyfriend kept disappearing every 10 seconds? When did the cast members get their first girlfriend or boyfriend? The cast sing a song dedicated to hump day Wednesday and our Weather Monitor gets it wrong when she calls an emergency evacuation because of the extreme heat. Young Shakespeare continues to bore his class on whether 2B or not 2B. Plus, how long can a new band be considered 'new', before they become old?
Episode 24
This episode follows a tough jock as he turns to dancing, and what to do when your dad drops you off too close to the school. An emotional sports jock tries to quit basketball to become a ballet dancer. How to keep your dad on his toes if he drops you too close to the school and we follow Jane and her friends as she recovers from an embarrassing incident. Also returning for more fun this episode is Roula The Volunteer Announcer, The Snot Guys and Ultra Boy on his next pointless mission.
Episode 25
Episode 25 has more of everything… Animal Onesies, Iron Man, Ultra Boy, and Martine The Sick Bay Monitor. Jane Gladwell hosts a documentary, 'Nature's World', about 'Animal onesies – are they still cool?' We ask the cast if they like to dress up in fancy dress at parties. Old-fashioned Gwendolyn offers up advice on love and we find out what Ultra Boy’s kryptonite is. Roula announces the wrong day for fancy dress and Martine educates us on what the all-important sick bay monitor code is.
Episode 26
You're Skitting Me - Episode 26 features jealous friends, time travel and a brand new song about our overuse of phones. You're Skitting Me - Episode 26 features a music clip devoted to ‘looking at your phone’. The latest wizard book is about to be released, so some super fans are camping out. A time traveller arrives just in time with a critical message. The cast tell us what they would tell their younger selves if they could go back in time. Jealous Friends find out their 'plain' friend is not so plain, a lamington sends a student to the sick bay and Ultra Boy saves a boy's life from his sister's wrath!

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