Episode 5: ‘Together forever’

When Mapplethorpe learns Chester is meeting with the head of a prestigious school that may cause him to leave town, he takes matters into his own hands. Meantime, Violetta plays matchmaker for some of the Fun Kids.

Task 1: Year 7 English

The Makrides Brothers (AKA the Melted Munters) are three brothers, Darius, Xander and Kyros, who were melted together for eternity due to a mishap on the Chunderstruck ride. Xander, the middle brother, wants to go on a date with fellow Fun Kid, Siobhan.

Write about the prospect of this date from the points of view (POV) of all three brothers. What is each brother’s perspective on the date? How do they argue their perspective to the other two brothers? 


Point of view (POV): the perspective from which a scene or story is presented, providing the audience with the viewpoint of a specific character. POV influences the audience's perception — creating an experience that immerses them in the character's thoughts, emotions, and the unfolding narrative.

AC9E7LE01: Year 7 English | Literature: Literature and contexts | Identify and explore ideas, points of view, characters, events and/or issues in literary texts, drawn from historical, social and/or cultural contexts, by First Nations Australian, and wide-ranging Australian and world authors.


Task 2: Year 8 English

The Fun Kids each grew up in different eras, while Mapplethorpe, Chester, and Violetta are teenagers in 2023. Considering all or part of this episode, identify and then explain how its content reflects the current society we live in. Look for specific examples of the following to support your answer:

  • language
  • clothing
  • social conventions
  • relationships, and
  • music. 

Pair up with a classmate and exchange findings. Discuss what these examples combined tell us about Australian society in 2023.


Social conventions: accepted norms, behaviours, and customs within a society. They dictate how individuals interact, communicate, and behave, establishing shared expectations and standards for social conduct.

AC9E8LE02: Year 8 English | Literature: Engaging with and responding to literature | Share opinions about the language features, literary devices and text structures that contribute to the styles of literary texts.


Task 3: Years 7 and 8 Media Arts

Crazy Fun Park is centred around themes of grief, friendship, and adolescence. Choose one of these themes to focus on and create a promotional film poster for the series that communicates this theme to the audience. Your poster should be done in a horror/comedy style, similar to the example below, and must include:

  • a title
  • a tagline
  • an image, and
  • one or more character from the series.


Tagline: is a concise and catchy phrase that encapsulates the essence of the film or tv series, aiming to capture the audience’s interest and convey the central theme.

Example poster:

AC9AMA8C02: Years 7 and 8 Media Arts | Creating and making | Apply production processes and use media arts concepts to construct representations and produce media arts works that communicate ideas, perspectives and/or meaning for specific audiences using responsible media practice.


Task 4: Years 7 and 8 Media Arts

Remus shows Mapplethorpe a trick so he can leave the park to attend careers night with Chester. If Mapplethorpe holds onto an object of personal significance from the real world (such as his dragon figurine), he can follow Chester outside the park.

Reflect on the dragon figurine and discuss why it might be important to Mapplethorpe. What does it mean to him and how do we know this? Now, think of an object that says something about you? Describe the object and why it is important to you, then sketch a picture of the object.

AC9AMA8E01: Years 7 and 8 Media Arts | Exploring and responding | investigate the ways that media arts concepts are used in media arts works and practices across cultures, times, places and/or other contexts.


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