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Chill Out!: Teachers' Guide Teaching Resource

About this Teaching Resource

The Chill Out! resource uses TV to teach children about conflict resolution, bullying prevention, fairness and relationships. It utilises dramatic segments from Lift Off, the ACTF's award-winning entertaining and educational series for young children.

The Chill Out! Teachers' Guide contains practical classroom strategies and student activities for exploring topics dealing with aspects of conflict including aggression, power, fairness and conflict resolution. Within each unit, teachers can select from a range of options which they feel are a logical sequence of activities best suited to the abilities and requirements of their class or individual students.

The complete Chill Out! resource comprises:

  • Chill Out! DVD Anthology
  • Chill Out! Teachers' Guide (PDF) with Topics 1-3
  • Chill Out! Topic 4 (PDF)


Chill Out! is an interdisciplinary education resource that enables teachers to extend and incorporate the exploration of social issues and skills into the curriculum areas of:

  • English
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Humanities
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Values Education

Chill Out! features clips from the acclaimed children’s television series Lift Off, produced forchildren between the ages of three to eight. Lift Off represents a high watermark in children’s television, exploring educational themes in an entertaining way.

The resource also contains the Chill Out! Teachers’ Guide, outlining the teaching approaches involved in using the clips to explore aspects of conflict; and practical classroom strategies with student activities that explore conflict, aggression, power, fairness and conflict resolution.

The objectives of Chill Out! are to assist children to:

  • better understand their own feelings and beliefs
  • appreciate other perspectives and value difference
  • better understand the way the social world works
  • abilities to make responsible decisions about how to relate to others
  • positively express emotions
  • perspectives and techniques for coping with conflict and aggression
  • enhance their capacity for empathy, compassion and co-operation
  • recognise how injustice and violence occur at both individual and group levels
  • value equality and human rights
  • develop a capacity for critical and creative thinking

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