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Hoopla Doopla! - English & Chinese Language Resource Teaching Resource

About this Teaching Resource

The Hoopla Doopla!: English & Chinese Language Resource has been developed in partnership with the Asia Education Foundation (AEF) for lower-primary (F-2) Chinese language teachers.

The resource features English and Mandarin language version episodes of the highly popular Hoopla Doopla! TV series - a unique show for 3-7 year olds where the characters physical action and comedy drive the story. 

The extensive range of activities in the Resource Package are based on the Engage, Explore, Reflect, Inquiry Model and are aligned to the Australian curriculum.  Primary F-2 teachers and students will be given opportunities to engage with the Chinese language – Second Language Learner Pathway to improve language learning outcomes and to develop Intercultural understanding.  


  • 13 selected episodes in Mandarin;
  • 13 selected episodes in English;
  • Links to 3 learning sequences which explore Chinese Celebrations, Holidays and Festivalswith explicit activities designed to support Chinese language learning:
    • Trading Places - Lantern Festival
    • The Hungry Dragon - Dragon Boat Festival
    • The Magic Pumpkin - Halloween

The Hoopla Doopla: English & Chinese Language Resource contains both English and Mandarin language versions of 13 selected episodes from the Hoopla Doopla! TV series.

** Episodes 23, 43 & 44 are part of the free, online Chinese Celebrations, Holidays and Festivals learning sequences, developed with the Asia Education Foundation.

Episode 9
Snow Business
Everyone in Hoopla is cleaning out junk when Mimi finds her old ski outfit. She decides she wants to go skiing, but It isn’t going to be easy on a summer’s day with no snow at all.

Episode 12
Jango the Joker
All of Jango's friends are too busy to play so he tricks them into stopping work, but Jango's tricks create even more work for his friends.

Episode 19
Tomato Trouble
The first tomato of the season is so delicious that Squidgie grows more and more and more until her friends are sick of eating them. No one wants to tell Squidgie,  because they don’t want to hurt her feelings

Episode 22
Bop And The Butterfly
One day Bop sees the most beautiful butterfly in Hoopla, but when he catches it, it begins to look sad. He asks his friends to help cheer up the butterfly.

Episode 24**
Trading Places
It is the Lantern Festival & Bop needs help to make the lanterns. If Zap helps Bop make lanterns then who will do his deliveries? If Mimi does deliveries who will make the dumplings? Soon everyone in town has traded places. 

Episode 32
Treasure Map 
Squidgie and Jango make a treasure hunt for their friends, But after three tries with three different leaders, they still haven’t found the treasure! What are they going to do?

Episode 37
Swap Shop
All the clutter around Hoopla gives Zap a great idea, he will organise a swap market so everyone can swap stuff they don't need for things they really want.

Episode 42
The Robot
Bop promises to build a giant robot but it’s more difficult then he thought. Not wanting to disappoint his friends Bop dresses up in a giant robot costume instead. 

Episode 43**
The Magic Pumpkin 
Squidgie has planted pumpkin seeds so they will grow into Halloween pumpkins, but her pumpkins are not growing and it will soon be Halloween. Luckily Jango has a tricky plan.

Episode 44**
The Hungry Dragon 
Everyone in Hoopla loves the dragon boat festival, especially Jango who loves it because Mimi makes delicious sticky rice dumplings.  Jango sneakily eats all the dumplings & pretends that there is a hungry  dragon in Hoopla.

Episode 46
Best Friends Day 
Zap and Bop are best friends and decide to celebrate and with a special day - but Best Friends Day does not go  as well as expected.

Episode 47
King Jango
Jango dresses up as a king and his friends mistake him for a king visiting Hoopla so Jango decides to trick them into preparing a King sized feast.

Episode 51
Squidgie's Present
Squidgie is always giving presents to her friends. So they decide they should do something to show how grateful they are by organising a special present for Squidgie.


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