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What's Fair?: Teaching Resource Teaching Resource

About this Teaching Resource

What’s Fair? is a multimedia education resource that explores ethical issues with students aged 8-12.

This anthology contains 13 digitised clips from the award winning ACTF series Round the TwistWinnersSky Trackers and Lift Off. The clips are rich and relevant contexts for inquiries about ethical behaviour involving young peoples’ relationships at home, at school and in the wider community.

The resource also contains the What’s Fair? Teachers’ Guide, outliningthe teaching approaches involved in applying a process of ethical inquiry; and classroom strategies with student activities for undertaking ethical inquiries, based on the selected clips.

The inquiry is divided into eight topics; the first six contained within the Teachers’ Guide and the included Topics 7 and 8 is supported by teacher support clips.

What’s Fair? was developed and written by Val Catchpoole and produced by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation as a Garth Boomer Scholarship project.

Anthology includes:


1. Hunting the Not Fair
“That’s Not Fair” from Lift Off

2. Being Fair: Considering Others
Skating the Dish” from Sky Trackers

3. Rights and Responsibilities in Families: What’s Fair to Both Parents and Children? (Part 1)
“The Other Facts of Life” from Winners

4. Rights and Responsibilities in Families: What’s Fair to Both Parents and Children? (Part 2)
Rocket to Me” from Sky Trackers

5. Being a Friend: What is Friendship?
“Rocket to Me” from Sky Trackers

6. Making Friends
For Sale” from Lift Off

7. Handling Peer Pressure
“Room to Move” from Winners

8. No Bullying
"Top Kid" from Winners

9. No Bullying
"Room to Move"from Winners

10. Being Honest: What is Honesty?
"Little Black Balls" from Round the Twist

11. Being Honest: Why Cheat?
"To Tell or Not to Tell" from Sky Trackers

12. Caring for Our Environment: Protecting Our Environment
"Yuckles" from Round the Twist

13. Caring for Our Environment:Preserving Our Australian Aboriginal Heritage
"Secrets" from Sky Trackers

Teaching Materials

  • What's Fair? Teachers' Guide (PDF)
  • What's Fair? Topics 7 and 8 (PDF)

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