ACTF X Bendigo Art Gallery Webinar

Character, story and animated worlds in Li'l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers

To celebrate the ACTF’s 40th birthday and the Elvis: Direct from Graceland exhibition at Bendigo Art Gallery, we are looking back at one of Australia’s much loved children’s television programs, Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers.

How do creators use inspiration from popular culture to build stories and characters in animation? Learn this and much more as we speak to Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers creator Peter Viska. 

Ahead of its time in exploring environmental sustainability and featuring First Nations characters, Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers (originally broadcast on the ABC in 1997) follows the story of Li’l Elvis and his friends Lionel and Janet, who together create a sound that is uniquely their own called, “Didgibilli Rock.” Join us on June 15 at 2.00pm to hear how Elvis inspired this children’s television show with a Q & A with Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers creator and animator, Peter Viska.

In our free webinar, students discover the importance of building story, characters and worlds when creating an animated television show. We will go behind-the-scenes of the show’s development and see original illustrations and animation cels. Students will learn how the star, Elvis, influenced this children’s television show and how the show influenced a new genre of music, “Didgibilli Rock.”  

A classroom activity will be sent to teachers to use following the webinar.

About Peter Viska

Peter Viska has been a major part of the Australian animation industry for 35 years where he has kept abreast of technology to be a content creator and producer for global television networks, international advertising agencies, online games and small businesses. Steeped in a history of loving satire and cartoon humour Viska graduated to animation from a career as a political cartoonist and illustrating the famous Far Out, Brussel Sprout, All Right, Vegemite and Unreal, Banana Peel series of books. Original content creation injected with smiles and irreverence continues to be the driving force in his new projects and TV series.He leads a team of award winning animators and designers who push the boundaries of animation and fun.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, June 15 2022
Times: 2pm (AEST), 12pm (AWST), 1:30pm (ACST), 12:45pm (ACWST)
Duration: 45 min
Year levels: 4 - 6
Free registrations: Open, register below!

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This webinar was created in partnership with Bendigo Art Gallery.

This virtual learning session is supported by the Strategic Partnerships Program through the Department of Education and Training.

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