Commemorating the National Apology to the Stolen Generations

The 13th February 2021 marks the 13th anniversary of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s formal apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples. The My Place episode ‘Laura’ depicts this national milestone in a series of moving scenes.

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Celebrate Lunar New Year with the ACTF

Teachers, are your students celebrating Lunar New Year this week? Explore this tradition in the classroom with our free content and resources for primary years.

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Getting to Know You: Identity Resources from the ACTF

With the start of the school year, many classroom teachers are seeking resources that explore personal and group identities. We have compiled a list of our top picks for identity units.

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ACTF Content Team: Supporting Kids’ TV That Counts

After a significant year for children’s television in 2020, with ACTF-supported series winning an unprecedented number of awards and being sold to multiple territories across the world, the ACTF content team are primed to support the next batch of meaningful, high-quality and entertaining children’s television projects.

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What’s On TV? Monday 8 February – Sunday 14 February

Never miss a moment of your favourite Australian children’s television series. See what’s on free-to-air and pay TV this week.

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