Aussie adults hold a soft spot for classic children’s series Round the Twist

Round the Twist remains one of the nation’s most beloved and memorable television shows, with early responses to new research showing adults have named it as their favourite Australian TV show to watch while growing up.

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Catch Thalu at SA’s Nunga Screen 2021

Episode 1 of Australian children’s adventure-drama Thalu is set to screen at this year’s Nunga Screen Festival in South Australia.

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Barrumbi Kids is coming to NITV and the world in 2022

Barrumbi Kids, the popular book series by Northern Territory author Leonie Norrington, will have its world premiere on NITV in 2022.

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Winter Warmers: The Best OzKidsTV for Rainy Days

Get cosy in front of the TV with these wintry children’s favourites.

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NHK Acquires First Day from the ACTF

Japan's public broadcaster NHK has acquired award-winning series First Day from the ACTF. NHK is scheduled to air First Day in June 2021 as part of their Inclusion Week.

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