Latest Sales News: Aussie Kids’ Shows to The World

The ACTF is privileged to be able to export some of the best Australian kids’ shows to the world, with a raft of deals finalised since the beginning of the year and with many more to be finalised soon.

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NHK Acquires First Day from the ACTF

Japan's public broadcaster NHK has acquired award-winning series First Day from the ACTF. NHK is scheduled to air First Day in June 2021 as part of their Inclusion Week.

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ACTF Sales Team: Taking Australian Stories to the World

After an unprecedented year of Sales and being ranked one of the Top 10 Distributors in Kidscreen’s Hot50, the ACTF’s Sales team are ready to offer audiences a full slate of high-quality children’s content in 2021. 

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ACTF Named One of the Top 10 Distributors in Kidscreen HOT50

The ACTF has been included in Kidscreen’s Hot50 ranking of the leading children’s entertainment companies worldwide. The ACTF is ranked in the top 10 of children’s media distributors across the world alongside organisations from Canada, the UK, Denmark and the US.

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Germany Plays Hardball

ARD HR have acquired children's live-action comedy series Hardball for broadcast on KiKA, Germany’s public channel for kids.

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