Balloon Barnyard

Like A Photon Creative, 2017

Join Pip and Streak, as these everyday donkeys with superhero ambitions find fun and adventure around the farm. 

Always looking for someone to help or a mystery to solve, they will do whatever it takes to help out their friends, and whilst it may involve a bit of trial and error, by working together they always manage to save the day.

A colourful and entertaining animated series for two to four-year-olds, narrated by eight-year-old, Patrick, and nine-year-old, Cleo, Balloon Barnyard will delight and engage young viewers.

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Episode 1 Mystery Day

Streak is trying to become a detective. He is investigating the missing hay from the top of the haystack.

Episode 2 Afraid of the Dark Day

Yawn…the donkeys are tired. It’s night time in the barn but none of the animals are sleeping.

Episode 3 Puppy Day

Streak and Pip are tasked with babysitting the new puppies on the farm. Big innocent eyes, adorable faces — How ‘ruff’ could this be?

Episode 4 Bath Day

It’s bath day at Balloon Barnyard!

Episode 5 Sheep Dog Day

The sheep are moving to a new pen today, but the sheep dog is sick. So Pip and Streak decide they’ll herd the sheep.

Episode 6 Talent Show Day

Streak has organised a talent show contest for everyone at Balloon Barnyard. Pip is nervous about performing her secret talent of juggling in front of a large audience. Streak persuades her that she will be fantastic and should perform it.

Episode 7 Race Day

Streak has organised an exciting race around the farm for everyone at the barnyard.

Episode 8 Cubbyhouse Day

The donkeys have finished building a cubbyhouse from the barn’s spare planks. It’s time for a cubbyhouse Party.

Episode 9 Magic Day

Streak is reading the ‘Big Book of Magic Tricks’ and sets out to prove to an unimpressed Pip that he is actually a magician.

Episode 10 Hot Day

The donkeys are lying in the shade. Their ears droop and they are a little deflated. It’s such a hot day, Pip thinks they need a nice cold drink.

Episode 11 Rainy Day

It’s pouring in Balloon Barnyard, so all the animals take shelter inside the barn.

Episode 12 Hiccup Day

Streak and Pip are just saying hello, when a mischievous Tuck jumps out and scares them, causing Streak to get hiccups.

Episode 13 Grassy Day

The lawn mower is broken and all the grass at Balloon Barnyard is over-grown.

Episode 14 Harvest Day

It’s Harvest Day at Balloon Barnyard, which means it’s time to go around and collect all the ripe fruit and vegetables. The donkeys watch as the farmer tries to start the tractor to start the harvest.

Episode 15 Cold Day

BRRR! It’s freezing on Balloon Barnyard today. The Rescue Donkeys have to find a way to get the animals out of the cold.

Episode 16 Hide and Seek Day

Streak and Pip countdown from five to begin their exciting game of Hide and Seek.

Episode 17 Paint Day

The barn needs a new coat of paint. The donkeys are just about to start painting the barn, when suddenly Pip and Streak are distracted by the three bunnies, who run straight past them. The bunnies have mysteriously changed colour overnight!

Episode 18 Tuck Stuck Day

There’s an emergency at Balloon Barnyard - Tuck the cat is stuck on the barn roof.

Episode 19 Balloon Day

Pip and Streak find a basket outside the barn. How interesting, what on earth could it be for?

Episode 20 Treasure Map Day

Streak is looking around the barnyard. Where’s Pip?

Episode 21 Kite Day

Streak brings a basket of apples for breakfast and Pip has found something under a tree. They don’t know what it is. Pip has some ideas - is it a flower, a blanket, some food? Hmm- it isn’t like any of those things. They need to find out what it is!

Episode 22 Scarecrow Day

All the corn in the cornfields is being eaten by crows - Pip and Streak have to do something!

Episode 23 Barn Dance Day

Pip and Streak are dancing together outside the barn. It’s the day of the barn dance and they want to be ready. They step and twirl around the barn.

Episode 24 Super Hero Day

Streak has been reading a book all about SUPERHEROES and has decided that he could be one!

Episode 25 Birthday Day

The donkeys are having a lazy afternoon, asleep under a tree. The narrator checks if they have anything to do. Because they’re prompted, they remember it’s Cud’s birthday — they haven’t got anything ready.

Episode 26 Halloween Day

It’s Halloween at Balloon Barnyard and the donkeys are throwing a Halloween party with all kinds of fun games and scary dress-up costumes.


2017 Chicago International Children's Film Festival (USA)
Selected for screening

Running Time
26 x 7 mins

Production Company
Like A Photon Creative


Animation Preschool Short Form Programming

Year level

Early Childhood (F-3),

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