Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors?

Flying Kite Pictures & Sticky Pictures, 2020

Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors? is a fun and immersive living history series that pits the skills of today’s kids against the exploits of children from Australia’s past, to find out how they measure up!

Fun and fast paced, we challenge modern kids to walk in the shoes of a child from another era. Diving into new worlds, they learn as much about themselves as they do about history… and unearth some unexpected skills in the process!

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Episode 1 Kernewek Lowender

Mine work, night school, chores… and goat racing! Makayla and Jack tackle the 1898 life of Cornish kid Robert Richards.

Episode 2 Olympia!

Sienna and Paige attempt to beat the 1912 Olympic Medal winning time of one our first female Olympic swimmers, Wilhelmina Wylie.

Episode 3 Lennie the Legend

Gracey and Mikey tackle 24 hours of Lennie Gwyther’s epic 1932 solo ride from Leongatha to Sydney for the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Episode 4 Pioneer Living German Style!

Maeve and Harper follow in the footsteps of 1850s Lutheran refugee Thekla Staude, trekking 26 kilometres along bush tracks to take their homemade produce to market in Adelaide.

Episode 5 The Original “Ghan” Trains

Ezekiel and Nathaniel guide a camel train through Australia’s harsh desert country following the route taken in the early 1900s by teenage Afghan Aboriginal cameleer, William Satour.

Episode 6 Dancing on Wheels!

Charli and Matthew attempt to master the moves that won their coach, world champion artistic rollerskater Tammy Bryant, the 1989 Artistic Rollerskating Championship when she was only 12 years old.

Episode 7 Plane Sailing!

Caitlyn and Stella learn the ropes on board the three-masted sailing ship the “James Craig” in an attempt to match 1912 sailor Douglas Bull’s seamanship skills.

Episode 8 The Big Match!

Footballers Ray Ray and Jaikye play for the title of best and fairest in a Kaurna Parntu match that includes everyone.

Episode 9 Milk Run!

Jeffrin and Harry have a go at completing Conway Tighe’s milk delivery run, 1940s style.

Episode 10 Dai Gum San! Bendigo Easter Festival

Inspired by 9 year old Christina Tie’s performance in the 1889 Bendigo Easter Festival, Avie and Alyssa put on a show!


2021 Screen Producers Australia Awards
Nominee: Best Children's Series Production of the Year

2020 Australian Teachers of Media Award
Winner: Best Factual Television Series

2020 Australian Teachers of Media Award
Nominee: Best Children's Television Program

2020 Chicago International Children's Film Festival (USA)
Winner: Children's Live Action category (2nd Prize by Professional Jury)

2020 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Award
Nominee: Best Children's Program

2020 Australian Effects & Animation Festival (AEAF) Awards
Special Merit Award: TV Series - Children

Running Time
10 x 24 mins

Production Company
Flying Kite Pictures & Sticky Pictures


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