Eddie's Lil' Homies

Betts Promotions, Highly Spirited, , 2024

Eddie’s Lil’ Homies joins Eddie and his ragtag group of friends on their playground adventures as they navigate the fun and challenges of friendship. Outside of home and away from school their friends are family and the playground their universe. It’s a word of competition, imagination and fantasy, where anything and everything is possible, where imaginary friends can be real, games of rock paper scissors can take on stupendous importance, and kindness, empathy and a good rap can help put anything right.

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Episode 1 Yoinks

When the kids fall under the spell of Yoinks, a hand-held computer game from the olden days that

Tal found in the hard rubbish, it’s up to Eddie and Junior to try and rescue them – before they all

become ‘Yoinkified’!

Episode 2 Rock Paper Eddie

With Tal having to face-off against reigning playground Rock Paper Scissor champion Lachie, former

champ Eddie is forced to make a tough decision – does he let Tal lose, or does he face his past and

come out of retirement to help his friend?

Episode 3 The Dawg

While Eddie and the kids are trying to build a clubhouse, Lottie is looking after her Auntie’s dog Champ.

Champ loves everybody – except Eddie! With Eddie too busy trying to impress Champ to concentrate

on the clubhouse, things soon go wrong – with disastrous results!

Episode 4 Dial M for Mayhem

When Shanti loses her Monitor badge and the playground descends into chaos, it falls to her friends

to restore order, and Shanti’s confidence.

Episode 5 Big Junior

According to Junior his imaginary friend, Big Junior, is great at everything – he’s smarter than Tal,

funnier than Lottie, and even better at sport than Eddie! What? Taken aback, Eddie challenges him

to a series of sporting challenges, but can he beat an imaginary competitor?

Episode 6 Pling Plong

When Eddie returns from his Nan’s house he finds the entire playground obsessed with ‘Pling Plong’

- a new game that he doesn’t understand. With Shanti by his side they race to work out the rules,

or bring an end to the game, so everything can return to normal.

Episode 7 Eddie in the Middle

Lottie and Tal are working on a sculpture together for the Community Art Show, and as usual they

can’t agree on anything! Usually it’s up to Eddie to keep the peace, but this time he’s had enough,

so he decides they’re going to do things a little differently

Episode 8 Yarn Storming

Lottie has a new ‘thing’ – yarn storming – covering objects in the playground with brightly coloured

patches of knitted wool, and she’s enlisted everyone else to help. But will Eddie and the Kids be able

to stop her before she yarn storms EVERYTHING?!

Episode 9 The Talented Mr Lachie

It’s time for the annual talent show and everyone is entering with their special talent – everyone

that is, except Lachie, who claims he doesn’t have a special talent! Not believing that for one minute,

Lottie decides to take it upon herself to help Lachie find his talent.

Episode 10 Messy Mystery

Something or someone is making a mess in the playground, and Shanti won’t rest until she works out

who, or what, is doing it! Meanwhile Junior’s quest to become a Big Kid comes under threat when the

culprit decides to reveals itself.

Running Time
10 x 12mins

Production Company
Betts Promotions, Highly Spirited,

Animation Preschool

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