Black Knight White Witch

3-D Films , 2010

Once upon a time, a White Witch moved into the neighbourhood of a Black Knight - which doesn't make for happy neighbours. While she makes tea, he throws axes. This short, comedic series features two characters straight out of a fractured fairytale - who are destined to be together.

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Episode 1 New Neighbour

When the White Witch sets up house in the shadow of the Black Knight's castle, she finds a reluctant guest for a tea party.

Episode 2 The Cook

The White Witch is having trouble flavouring her witch’s concoction, when a barrage of arrows, axes and spears, thrown by her neighbour, the Black Knight, provides the solution.

Episode 3 The Broom

To gain the upper hand against the White Witch, the Black Knight steals her broom - but, being airborne isn’t as easy as it looks.

Episode 4 The Candle

The constant barrage of weapons from the Black Knight doesn’t bother the White Witch, as she goes about her daily rituals.

Episode 5 The Gift

The White Witch wants to give the Black Knight a gift, but all he wants to do is attack with his sword.

Episode 6 The Sneeze

The Black Knight is powerless to stop an attack on his castle from a mysterious force that makes the earth shake and the forest bounce.

Episode 7 The Catapult

The Black Knight enjoys launching missiles from his catapult at the White Witch's cottage, but the White Witch has the last laugh.

Episode 8 The Moths

The catapulting antics of the Black Knight force the White Witch and her swarm of ravenous moths to take action.

Episode 9 The Dragon

When the Black Knight sends his 100-foot dragon on a nasty errand to destroy the White Witch, he discovers that the scent of a flower is mightier than a dragon’s bite.

Episode 10 The Green Knight

The Black Knight makes a deal with the White Witch to fake a battle, when the Green Knight arrives on an inspection tour.

Running Time
10 x 30 secs

Production Company
3-D Films


Animation Comedy Short Form Programming

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