Casa De Evil

Kapow Pictures, 2010

Recharge your batteries at Casa De Evil. The secret island resort made especially for super villains!

Casa De Evil is a series of mock advertisements for the ultimate super villain holiday destination. Each short live-action/animation hybrid episode sees our villains trying to unwind and use the resort facilities, but their true nature is never far away.


Episode 1 Watersports

The Claw and Taran-Tula enjoy surfing and waterskiing on Casa De Evil.

Episode 2 Check In

The Casa De Evil team demonstrate how they keep superheroes out of the resort.

Episode 3 Skiing

Skiing Mount Cynanide is a popular pastime, as long as Gordy & the Brain aren’t blowing it up.

Episode 4 Ball Sports

Pack your sports socks! On Casa De Evil, there’s plenty of ball sports to play – tennis, golf and target practice!

Episode 5 Dining Options

Feeling hungry? Casa De Evil has something for everyone in the Evil Buffet!

Episode 6 Nightlife

When the sun sets, you can enjoy comedy, karoke or the most dangerous limbo in town.

Episode 7 Gymnasium

To help supervillains stay in shape, the Casa De Evil resort offers expert exercise programmes.

Episode 8 Moto GP

Thrills and spills on an exciting mini moto grand prix race, where everyone’s a winner, baby!

Episode 9 Spa

At Casa De Evil, the spa is set to 1000 degrees for maximum relaxation!

Episode 10 Resort Facilities

If it’s hairstyles or beauty treatments you're after, Casa De Evil has everything you need!

Running Time
10 x 60 secs

Production Company
Kapow Pictures


Animation Comedy Short Form Programming

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