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Age Level: Middle Primary (4-5) Middle Years (5-9)

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Dogstar Teaching Kit
The Dogstar Teaching Kit aims to introduce the Dogstar series and its central characters; the concept of genre, in particular, news reports, science fiction, TV advertisements and TV comedy; along with the related Dogstar website.

These free lesson plans and classroom worksheets provide ideas for teaching genre, advertising, humour and satire, stereotypes, living things, sustainability, ecology, animals, responsibility for the natural environment and the Earth's future, robots, design and have particular relevance to English, Arts (film media studies, visual arts, drama), science, environment, and technology.

For older students it is suggested that teachers contextualise activities by suggesting to students that they are to conduct a focused evaluation and review of a series made for young children. This will involve students completing activities in order to consider whether the genre, storyline, characters and messages are appropriate and engaging for young children. Students might also design surveys in order to elicit responses from younger students.

Strand One
This sequence of learning experiences draws upon Dogstar episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4 to introduce the series, its genre, central characters and the related website.

This lesson plan comprises the following sections:
1.1 Introducing the Dogstar series
1.2 Exploring genre: news clips
1.3 Exploring genre: TV advertisements
1.4 Exploring genre: science fiction
1.5 Exploring genre: TV comedy

Teaching and Learning framework:
The activities are organised into sections with two main components:

  • the discussing component: students engage in individual and group talk to come to understandings about the issues and characters and to explore the significance of those understandings (for example, for their own lives).
  • the doingcomponent: students explore their understandings and explorations in order to do something – for example, perform or tell a story, create a product, transform some aspect of the series.

The complete Dogstar Teaching Kit comprises of:
Dogstar - Strand One
Dogstar - Strand Two

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