Gender Perspectives: A Comparative Study Teaching Resource - Download

Age Level: Middle Years (5-9)

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About this Resource

This teaching activity is aimed at Years 6 – 9 and includes a variety of clips from both series that appeals to both girls and boys.

The television productions, Mortified and Lockie Leonard, have wide appeal to students and teachers for viewing and discussing several important key topics and issues that are addressed nationally through various curricula. The main characters of Mortified and Lockie Leonard have engaging on-screen persona and their experiences are treated with candid humour in a uniquely Australian way. The productions compliment each other and, if studied together, can be viewed as a way of gaining different gender perspectives on the same themes and issues.

This educational resource has been written for teachers to use in the classroom to explore a variety of carefully chosen themes from different gender perspectives as well as incorporating the Values for Australian Schooling.


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