You're Skitting Me - Sketch-O-Matic: Teachers' Guide Teaching Resource -

Age Level: Middle Primary (4-5) Middle Years (5-9)

About this Resource

Motivating and engaging your students in the receptive and the productive modes of the Australian Curriculum has never been so entertaining! The You’re Skitting Me Sketch-O-Matic, a digital sketch comedy writing tool – is an exciting resource that supports students in learning the craft of writing sketch comedy.

This Guide has been developed for teachers to assist them in their curriculum development, by explaining, step by step, how students are to engage with Sketch-O-Matic. Together with this, the Guide outlines the learning objectives of each stage of the website and makes explicit the links to the Australian Curriculum: English.

Access to the Sketch-O-Matic website ( is via student access tokens, available for purchase from the ACTF Shop.

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