Bullying - Education Package RESOURCE PACKAGE

All educators work hard to create learning environments that are safe, inclusive and respectful for their students. For teachers exploring the issue of bullying, the ACTF has a range of engaging short-form content that will promote conversation and reflection in the classroom. 

Now available as a digital download, our factual entertainment series MY:24 includes a number of 12-minute documentaries about the impact of bullying and valuing differences. These include the episodes 'Jake', 'Dave', and ‘Justin’, which are ideal for secondary students. 

For middle to upper primary students, Little Lunch is always a hit. In the episode 'The Germblock', Tamara accuses Melanie of not washing her hands, and she is ostracised as a result. This episode is the perfect provocation for conversations about inclusive behaviours at school, and our new Little Lunch curriculum resource includes suggested learning tasks for the episode. 

Also available in the ACTF Shop is What’s Fair?, a compilation of clips that explore ethical issues. The DVD anthology contains 13 digitised clips from the award winning ACTF series Round the TwistWinnersSky Trackers and Lift Off!, and the accompanying teachers’ guide outlines learning tasks for students aged 8-12 years.