ANZAC Day - Education Package RESOURCE PACKAGE

The ACTF has a range of engaging educational content and support materials related to ANZAC Day.

The episode “1918: Bertie” from My Place depicts one Australian boy’s life in the final days of the First World War. In watching this program – or the three short clips featured on the external My Place for Teachers website – students can learn about returned soldiers, casualties of war, the Armistice, and issues facing Indigenous soldiers. My Place for Teachers also features curriculum-aligned lesson plans to develop students’ understanding of the significance of ANZAC Day, and the wider historical context of the First World War.

Additionally, the 48-minute telemovie ‘Boy Soldiers’ from the Winners and More Winners series explores the issues of conscription and conscientious objectors during wartime. Boy Soldiers is available as a digital download and DVD from the ACTF shop. The ACTF has produced freely available material to support teachers using Boy Soldiers in the classroom. Teaching Resource A centres on the filmmaking techniques used to tell 14-year old Will Barnes’ story, and Teaching Resource B details the opposing views of conscription, with reference to the 1916 and 1917 referendums.