Refugees - Education Package RESOURCE PACKAGE

The lives of refugees and asylum seekers are depicted in a range of ACTF content. In two episodes of the factual series MY:24, Fablice and his nephew G-Storm tell us what it is like to grow up with war, live in a refugee camp, and relocate to Australia as refugees. The experience of Vietnamese asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by boat is represented in the My Place episode, ‘1988: Lily’.

Animated series Woven Threads presents eight varied and moving stories of refugees through powerful first-person narration. The emotive storytelling compels us to remember our shared humanity, and to identify with the universality of the refugee experience. The Woven Threads Teaching Toolkit supports teachers is exploring key themes from the series with their Years 5-10 students.

Teaching activities in our MY:24 study guides and on the My Place for Teachers website will support students in exploring the key issues in forced migration. They are encouraged to explore different social and cultural viewpoints, and to research and analyse the community debate about refugees and asylum seekers.

The freely available teaching resources in this package are suitable for upper primary and secondary students. Links to the Australian Curriculum include: English; Humanities and Social Sciences; Intercultural Understanding; and Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia.