Lah-Lah’s Adventures: Music for Everyone

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Lah-Lah’s Adventures: Music for Everyone

This resource was developed through a partnership between the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) and Tina Harris and Mark Harris – two of the lead creatives behind the popular children’s series, Lah-Lah’s Adventures. Music for Everyone explores the elements of music as outlined in the Australian Curriculum in a fun and accessible way.

The simple lesson plans, music clips and additional videos provided in the resource will support generalist teachers in getting started with F-2 music education.


General Tips for Teachers

Rationale for Lah-Lah’s Adventures: Music for Everyone

Value of music in the curriculum

Building on generalist teachers’ existing skills

Fostering music confidence in F-2 students

Mark and Tina reflect on primary music education

Classroom management strategies for music lessons

The television series Lah-Lah’s Adventures was produced by Stella Projects Pty Ltd and Bardel Entertainment Inc.

Stella Projects Pty Ltd Bardel Entertainment Inc

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