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Waabiny Time - Series 1 - Celebrate

Today 3:00pm

Tuesday, 25 June

Waabiny Time - Series 1CelebrateNITV3:00pm
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Sleepover SecretABCME5:00pm
Bushwhacked! - Series 3PlatypusABCME9:18pm

Wednesday, 26 June

Dance Academy - Series 3Second ChancesABCME9:00am
Hoopla DooplaSquidgie's Day OffABC210:28am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Traditional ToolsNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Honey AntsNITV3:54pm
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Big Mouth Challenge ABCME5:00pm
Bushwhacked! - Series 3Wolf SpiderABCME9:18pm

Thursday, 27 June

Dance Academy - Series 3Short Cut ClauseABCME9:00am
Hoopla DooplaThe Magic PumpkinABCME10:15am
Hoopla DooplaSnow BusinessABC210:28am
Waabiny Time - Series 1FeelingsNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Great White SharksNITV3:54pm
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Pestering Prank Caller ABCME5:00pm
Bushwhacked! - Series 3Hairy Nosed WombatsABCME9:18pm

Friday, 28 June

Dance Academy - Series 3Negitave PatternsABCME9:00am
Lockie Leonard - Series 2 Crimes of the HeartlessABCME10:00am
Hoopla DooplaSquidgie's PicnicABC210:28am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Seasons and WeatherNITV3:00pm
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Spoiled Sports DayABCME5:00pm

Saturday, 29 June

Hoopla DooplaSticky SituationABC210:28am
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Exciting ExcursionABCME5:00pm
Bushwhacked! - Series 3Cone SnailsABCME9:18pm

Sunday, 30 June

Mustangs FC - Series 2Sparkly GirlsABCME10:00am
HardballThe Girl with the Handball HoodyABCME10:23am
Hoopla DooplaJango the JokerABC210:28am
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Very Lost NotebookABCME5:00pm

Monday, 1 July

Hoopla DooplaMagic CoatABC210:28am
Waabiny Time - Series 1PlaytimeNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Saltwater CrocNITV3:54pm
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Suspect Sprinkler ABCME5:00pm
Dance Academy - The MovieFilmFamily Movies HD7:30pm

Tuesday, 2 July

Dance Academy - Series 3Fake it Until You Make ItABCME9:00am
Hoopla DooplaMimi's Perfect PieABC210:28am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Colours and NumbersNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Grey Nurse SharkNITV3:54pm
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Peculiar Pop QuizABCME5:00pm

Wednesday, 3 July

Dance Academy - Series 3GracelandABCME9:00am
Hoopla DooplaZap's Special DeliveryABC210:28am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Body and MovementNITV3:00pm
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Science SabotageABCME5:00pm

Thursday, 4 July

Dance Academy - Series 3Travelling LightABCME9:00am
Hoopla DooplaThe Hungry DragonABCME10:15am
Hoopla DooplaHula HooplaABC210:28am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Animals and TracksNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Urban VetNITV3:54pm
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Wrecked Rehearsal ABCME5:00pm

Friday, 5 July

Dance Academy - Series 3Don't Let Me Down GentlyABCME9:00am
Lockie Leonard - Series 2 LegendABCME10:00am
Hoopla DooplaBop's Clumsy DayABC210:28am
Waabiny Time - Series 1Country and DirectionsNITV3:00pm
Bushwhacked!Arafura File SnakeNITV3:54pm
The InBESTigatorsThe Case of the Perplexing PaintingABCME5:00pm

Monday, 8 July

Waabiny Time - Series 1Food and DrinkNITV3:00pm