Even More Than This Podcast

What does it mean to be an adolescent today? Is it complicated, hard, fulfilling, or all of these things?

Anika and Kien-Ling, teen podcast hosts, examine the challenging journey of teenage life today in the podcast Even More Than This which explores the characters and storylines from the television series, More Than This. Filled with riveting discussions of finding the right friends, sexuality in high school, peer pressures, mental health and so much more, Anika and Kien-Ling reflect on their observations and experiences of the world. Being a teen in this day and age is challenging, but nonetheless gratifying - let these conversations support you to navigate your place in the world.

In preparation for the Even More Than This podcast, you can watch More Than This on Paramount + or download the show from the ACTF Shop. 

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This podcast is created by the ACTF in collaboration with Queer Town. Hosted and written by Anika and Kien-Ling. Produced and edited by Bridget Hanna, ACTF and Archie Beetle, Queer Town. Mixed by Phil Threlfall, The Base. Recorded at State Library Victoria, Studio 4.

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