About This Resource

This resource centres on the personal and social skills and understandings that are explored in each episode of the children’s series, Eddie’s Lil’ Homies. It includes concepts, discussion starters and hands-on learning tasks that support Foundation to Year 2 students to understand themselves and others, supporting them to navigate relationships in the classroom and beyond.

Lessons are aligned to the Australian Curriculum, addressing content from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Critical and Creative Thinking, English, Health and Physical Education, and Personal and Social Capability.

Getting started

Developed for Foundation to Year 2 students and teachers, this resource includes 10 lessons on understanding ourselves and others. These can be delivered consecutively as a learning sequence or as standalone lessons. 

Each lesson explores concepts and skills that support students to understand and manage themselves, relate to others, communicate and collaborate with others, set goals and resolve conflict.

Lesson topics align with sub-elements in the Personal and Social Capability learning continuum, progressing from self-awareness and self-management knowledge and skills to those required for social awareness and social management. Students identify, explore and respond to examples in the screen text Eddie’s Lil’ Homies, and reinforce their understandings through discussions and learning tasks.

Lessons include:

  • Focus on Eddie’s Lil’ Homies episode
  • Themed under a sub-element of personal and social capability.
  • 5E lesson plan for guided inquiry
  • Learning intentions
  • Learning and assessment tasks
  • Rap-along music clip
  • Australian Curriculum links (Critical and Creative Thinking, English, Health and Physical Education, Personal and Social Capability)

Find student worksheets on corresponding lesson pages, or click below to download all worksheets in a zipped file. 


Eddie’s Lil’ Homies is available on NITV, Netflix and SBS On Demand. The series can also be purchased as a digital download from the ACTF Shop. All episodes are rated G and have a running time of 12 minutes.


The ACTF would like to better understand how teachers are using our resources in the classroom. We welcome feedback from teachers who have delivered and adapted our resources. Please reach out to education@actf.com.au with questions, comments and suggestions.


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