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In her second year at Hillview High, Hannah’s run for Class Captain exposes an underlying level of transphobia among her classmates. She starts a group for LGBTQIA+ students but risks alienating her closest friend in the process.

First Day Series 2 is a four-part half-hour children’s television series about Hannah Bradford, a transgender girl in her second year of high school.

In Series 1, Hannah was outed as being transgender. The support of her friends gave her the strength to return to school, find her voice, and stand up to those bullying her. Series 2 explores what life is like for Hannah as an out trans girl. 

The complete series – including the clips referred to in this resource – is available to download from the ACTF Shop. All episodes are rated PG by the commissioning broadcaster, the ABC.


Episode Synopses

Episode 1

It’s a new year at Hillview High. Feeling good about the fresh start, Hannah runs for Class Captain but in doing so discovers some of her classmates still see her as the ‘trans kid’.

Episode 2

Hannah is the only one not invited to Jazzie’s party. When it becomes apparent her friends don’t understand her feelings about being left out, Hannah decides to start a Pride Group at Hillview High.

Episode 3

Olivia tries to make amends with Hannah over an incident at Jazzie’s party, but Hannah finds it difficult to forgive her friend. Hillview Pride starts to attract members and Billy shows renewed interest in Hannah.

Episode 4

Hannah takes to the stage at assembly to try and convince the student body to support a change to the Hillview High uniform policy. Hannah, Olivia and Nat are reunited, and Hannah decides to go to the Junior School Dance.


Written and Directed by Julie Kalceff
Produced by Kirsty Stark and Kate Butler
Co-produced by Julie Kalceff
Executive Producer Libbie Doherty
Starring Evie Macdonald as Hannah

An Epic Films Production in association with KOJO Studios. Production Funding from Screen Australia. Financed with the assistance of the South Australian Film Corporation. Development and Production Support from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Developed with the Assistance of the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.  

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