This resource was designed for secondary English classes and homeroom/pastoral care groups to develop student learning in Years 8 to 10.  

The resource was created with self-directed and reflective learning in mind — prompts can be used in the classroom or given to students as flipped learning activities, allowing them to reflect and prepare for broader class conversations. 

The learning prompts link to the Australian Curriculum and the series’ major themes: speculative fiction, democracy, and the critical ways we engage with digital technology as active and informed citizens.  

Lessons are aligned to the Australian Curriculum (Version 9.0), addressing content from English, Digital Technologies, Civics and Citizenship, Health and Physical Education, Critical and Creative Thinking, Digital Technologies, and Ethical Understanding.  

Getting started

The PM’s Daughter Series 2 resource includes nine modules: five lessons, three case studies and an assignment. This content can be delivered consecutively as a learning sequence or as standalone modules.  

Each lesson explores concepts and skills that support students in understanding speculative fiction when applied to digital technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), social media, privacy and data. 

Additional Resources: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Online Safety, Credible Sources

For more resources, information and lesson ideas visit the ACARA Curriculum connection page: Artificial intelligence (AI) resource.  

Explore the interrelated key aspects of learning about artificial intelligence (AI): 

  • understanding how AI works  
  • types of AI (digital tools and AI systems)  
  • responsible use and application of AI.  

Explore the interrelated key aspects of online safety: 

  • students’ rights and responsibilities  
  • wellbeing, resilience and risk  
  • respectful relationships and consent  
  • digital citizenship and digital and media literacy   
  • managing and operating digital tools.  

Search under artificial intelligence (AI) and online safety by year level: Curriculum connections resource. 

Students developing media literacy and research skills can play the ABC education ‘Source Checker’ game to check if a source is confirmed as credible. 

Lessons include

  • Exclusive access to interview content with Series 2 Script Producer, Jessica Paine 
  • Learning intentions 
  • Activities and reflective tasks 
  • PDF resources including post-production scripts 
  • Australian Curriculum links (English, Digital Technologies, Civics and Citizenship, Health and Physical Education, Critical and Creative Thinking, Digital Technologies, and Ethical Understanding.) 

Find student printable resources on corresponding lesson pages or click below to download all worksheets in a zipped file.  

The PM’s Daughter Series 1 Learning Resources  

The primary and lower secondary school resource aligns with Civics and Citizenship and English for students in Years 5-6 and Years 7-8.  

The secondary school teaching toolkit is designed for Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Civics and Citizenship, English and/or Media Arts students in Years 7-10.  


The PM’s Daughter Series 2 can be purchased as a digital download from the ACTF Shop or viewed via ABC iview. All episodes in Series 2 are rated G and have a maximum running time of 25 minutes. 

Clips from the series have been edited into the video content in each module to support teachers and students to focus on relevant content.  


Lesson 1: The Writers' Room

Meet Jessica Paine, script producer from The PM’s Daughter Season 2. 

Lesson 2: Speculative Fiction

Explore the storytelling genre that foreshadows the future. 

Lesson 3: Privacy, Data and Social Media

Consider the ways we engage with online spaces. 

Lesson 4: Artificial Intelligence (AI) - good or bad?

Explore how questions are used to drive the narrative in The PM’s Daughter Season 2.

Case Study 1: How might characters engage with AI?

Breakdown of Episode 6 Scene 7 of The PM’s Daughter Season 2.

Case Study 2: Does AI improve the human experience?

Breakdown of Episode 6 Scene 9 of The PM’s Daughter Season 2.

Case Study 3: Is data the most truthful thing there is?

Breakdown of Episode 10 Scene 17 of The PM’s Daughter Season 2.

Assignment: What if Australia had a Prime Minister informed by AI?

Explore and express how AI could impact Australia in a speculative fiction story. 

Kids Helpline

IfThe PM’s Daughter raises issues for your students, Kids Helpline’s qualified counsellors are available via WebChat, phone, or email at any time and for any reason. Kids Helpline is Australia’s only free (even from a mobile), confidential 24/7 online and phone counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25. Visit call 1800 55 1800. 


All episodes of The PM’s Daughter Series 2 were rated G (General Audiences) by the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) in 2023 


The ACTF would like to better understand how teachers are using our resources in the classroom. We welcome feedback from teachers who have delivered and adapted our resources. Please reach out questions, comments and suggestions. 

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